Author Archive: Sherri Roberts

I have been having fun creating art since 1986. Doodles morph into characters to populate my Sunday-funnies style fabric wall hangings. The figures also find their way into Judaic items commissioned for home and synagogue worship. Prayer shawls, hallah bread covers, and wedding canopies, which I made early on, were my first successes as a self-taught artist.

Make Mine a Combo

A book, a relationship, and hanging in there for long-term mastery.  These are the combination of ingredients that my daughter and son-in-law’s huppah (wedding canopy) really represents for me. The book:  The first official gift that I got from my…
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aRt, then and now

Sleeping babies.  Unsuspecting subjects for sharpening my skills, both in life and in drawing.  And then they grow up. First, you see one of my 1993 efforts with my youngest, Shoshana, at age two.  The notes on the sketchbook page…
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