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I have been having fun creating art since 1986. Doodles morph into characters to populate my Sunday-funnies style fabric wall hangings. The figures also find their way into Judaic items commissioned for home and synagogue worship. Prayer shawls, hallah bread covers, and wedding canopies, which I made early on, were my first successes as a self-taught artist.


You may agree that, in these times, a person could easily slip into a helpless state of mind. Or, we could retrain ourselves to interact with others actively, positively, and empathetically…stop-breathe-listen-respond-repeat. Most of October drew me in this direction. …
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Do Something!

After recently tweaking the “elevator-speech” description of my artwork, I was able to identify the latest bug in my brain; how to keep creativity and its fraternal twin, productivity, flowing. For awhile now, the speech had read, “I feed my…
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A change of season is breathing down my neck.  Children with backpacks have reappeared in the neighborhood.  The cicadas’ deafening, nightly buzzing has triggered the memory of my husband’s photograph of a 17-year-cicada taken just after the birth of my…
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How do you figure?

I figured out how I figure things out.  Could be late-night mind-chatter.  Could be choosing the right book to discover the right passage just when I need to find it. Could be talking it out and suddenly hearing something said…
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My sights are set.

My dog Weegee’s chunky, red toy disappeared under a dense bush last week.  Despite my on-and-off searching, it stayed well hidden until yesterday afternoon.  So, you are curious about how it was retrieved, aren’t you? Well, it was all because…
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