Make Mine a Combo

A book, a relationship, and hanging in there for long-term mastery.  These are the combination of ingredients that my daughter and son-in-law’s huppah (wedding canopy) really represents for me. The book:  The first official gift that I got from my…
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aRt, then and now

Sleeping babies.  Unsuspecting subjects for sharpening my skills, both in life and in drawing.  And then they grow up. First, you see one of my 1993 efforts with my youngest, Shoshana, at age two.  The notes on the sketchbook page…
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You may agree that, in these times, a person could easily slip into a helpless state of mind. Or, we could retrain ourselves to interact with others actively, positively, and empathetically…stop-breathe-listen-respond-repeat. Most of October drew me in this direction. …
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