Pursuing daisies and dreams

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Ever notice how you need the spaces in between the whirlwinds of activity?  Relaxing and dreaming accent  challenges and  fun.  That negative space in a picture delineates the story of the things it surrounds.  The shadows outside hint at time and season.  The scents in the kitchen provoke memories after the dishes have been cleaned and reshelved.   Hard to capture.  Wonderful to try.

Street photographer Vivian Maier had a seemingly innate understanding of how to use shadows, reflections, and surprise in her self-portraits.  She inserted herself in a photograph through a combination of these elements.  One must stop and examine each photo to realize how she set it up for maximum effect.  http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2013/11/26/vivian-maier-self-portraits-book/

This is my hope for each of us;  the time to stop, examine, and insert ourselves into the best that our lives have to offer.  Happy Soon-to-Be 2014.