aRt, then and now

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Sleeping babies.  Unsuspecting subjects for sharpening my skills, both in life and in drawing.  And then they grow up.

First, you see one of my 1993 efforts with my youngest, Shoshana, at age two.  The notes on the sketchbook page say I actually had 15 uninterrupted minutes to complete the picture.  An abundance of time back then.

Now, Shoshana has given me 15 more minutes, my proverbial 15 minutes of fame.  Check out “Team Roberts” on TLC Network’s “Say Yes to the Dress.”  Shoshana had the opportunity to search for a wedding dress at Kleinfeld Bridal Salon, the site for the show’s NYC filmings. We were just notified that our segment will air on 11th March, at 9:30 p.m.  Fun, fun, and funny.  Actually, when the promos begin, you will see me and my family tucked in among the other happy families anticipating their daughters’ weddings. (Check the TLC website for changes to the schedule.)

The other aRt in my life now is the angel on the right. He is my new grandbaby, Aaron Tiberias Roberts.  Capturing photos of infants these days isn’t the same as when his father, Chaim, was a newborn.  One weekend, it took my husband and me two days to snap a photo of Chaim awake, clean, dressed, as well as calm.  The photo I took of Aaron was with my cell phone, while he nestled in my arms. Obviously, I got a clear close-up.

So, you have gotten a peek at the ritual I have developed of drawing each new member of my family, as a personal welcome.  I even drew our pets, including our cockatiel, our rats, and our dog.  Who will be next?  Only time will tell.