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I have been having fun creating art since 1986. Doodles morph into characters to populate my Sunday-funnies style fabric wall hangings. The figures also find their way into Judaic items commissioned for home and synagogue worship. Prayer shawls, hallah bread covers, and wedding canopies, which I made early on, were my first successes as a self-taught artist.

Will I feel enriched or diminished?

Yay! I figured out something new! I love when this happens. So, this time, I have come to realize, thanks to Austin Kleon’s weekly newsletter (, that the question of being enriched/enlarged or diminished directs my moods, my reaching out…
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Burn…then better

PLEASE! If you don’t want to read through my palaver, JUMP TO THE END. I have included links referencing legal guidelines and other world-views during this other-worldly time. Warning! Anger response about to happen. Generally, I burn and then I…
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Make Mine a Combo

A book, a relationship, and hanging in there for long-term mastery.  These are the combination of ingredients that my daughter and son-in-law’s huppah (wedding canopy) really represents for me. The book:  The first official gift that I got from my…
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