Catch & Release

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Here, catch!  What if the thrown ball is unexpected, and it hits you in the belly?  UUUUMPH!  You could a) ignore it and not return the throw, or b) pick it up and toss it back with real purpose and force.  I have, figuratively, aimed that toss twice recently and received great pay-off for my return.

I caught the most recent pitch in the form of “Unleashed:  Art Party and Dog Fashion Show,”  sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (GPAC).  During the show, five local artists were randomly selected before a live audience to become inaugural recipients of the Unleashed Artists Fund on October 2,  the Arts Day Of Giving.  I am one of the 5 luck recipients.  Now it is up to the wonderful donors who support Pittsburgh arts and artists to donate to GPAC on October 2,

The other opportunity is a great toss of a pillow, no less!  POWER (Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery) celebrates National Recovery Month on September 10th with its 6th annual “Sunflower POWER” Party, silent auction and sale of “Pillows for POWER” at PerLora on the South Side.   The POWER staff have collected uniquely-designed pillows from a cadre of local artists, myself included,  Afterwards, I look forward to continuing my POWER connection by dedicating part of my work to supporting their cause.

When determining the theme of my donated pillow, pictured above, I did not realize how my description would reflect back at me.  I wrote, ‘“Catch” something positive which is hidden deep inside yourself. Then “release” it: uncover it and send your discovery unmasked into the world. In other words, trust in yourself and take risks.”‘  Yes!