Flipping the Calendar Without Flipping out

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Note to self: Do rather than do not. Note to self: Remember the first note.

Here we go! I just want to declare my resolve to myself as we mark time by changing the numbers.

Do. #1. Ignore Lethargy sticking out its spiked tongue, trying to hold me down. Instead, I am out the door. Down the steps. Weegee-Pup requires his walk despite the big “L” stalking me. Thank goodness for that.

Do. #2. Pay attention to Serendipity, trying to attract my attention wherever I go these days. But, unlike Lethargy, I acknowledge the sinuous S. How about a few artistic responses to keep me charged up when S and I link arms?

I want to follow Lin-Manuel Miranda’s examples of combining his observations, experiences, and related emotions, as he does so well in his collaboration with artist Jonny Sun in their book, GMORNING, GNIGHT! LITTLE PEP TALKS FOR ME AND YOU https://www.npr.org/2018/10/12/656973029/in-gmorning-gnight-jonny-sun-and-lin-manuel-miranda-craft-a-peppy-pick-me-up

Do. #3. Milk the most I am able to from tricky Time. I want to emulate those who keep a productively busy schedule, with some items for oneself and some for others. Despite busy-ness, or because of it, I intend to make time for the people, and other creatures, who float my boat.

Do.#4. KISS. Keep it simple and straightforward. Of course, a real kiss can be just the thing sometimes, too.