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I TALK BACK. To family.  To neighbors.  To myself. Ever since I was a punk kid.  I had lots to say.  So, it makes sense that this behavior has carried through in various iterations, even today.  Of course, now I have learned to tame and focus my comments.  My favorite way to get my word out there is in my art.

Recently, I reviewed my last decade of changes and tweaks in artistic direction and realized that it all circled back to combinations of pictures and words.  This pairing came back to “roost,” last month, as evidenced by THE DREAM, the joint exhibit with my photographer-husband Larry, https://www.facebook.com/events/754574938027898/.  My bird families quoted words of wisdom that I actually wanted to put out into the world.  But, since I will unlikely drag a soapbox to a park square, my creatures are speaking for me now.

Of course, I have learned manners.  If I am talking at you, I want to offer a chance for you to respond. So, that was built into THE DREAM.  Visitors to our show filled in  a speech bubble with a favorite family quote or saying and posted it on a bulletin board near the front of the gallery.  The board became filled with humor and wisdom, both questionable and practical, even some translated from German, Dutch, and Japanese.  So, if you were one of those who shared a quote, I thank you. And, if you were one of those who took time to read the quotes, I also thank you.  Each of us wants to know that we are heard and understood.  And, isn’t that the point?