I Did It On Purpose: Serenades & Signs

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Sweet, sudden washes of emotion; I’m over that. Intentional responses are today’s target.

When I was a wee lass, my usual first response among playmates was to lash out defensively, just in case. I don’t know if it’s true, but I was told that I must’ve done it on purpose.” Huh-uh,” I likely mumbled. Okay. Flash forward to…now. “Intentionality,'” be my guide.

Leaving the kids and grand kids several states away, the end of the summer had me settling back into my coveted routines: sharing time with my husband and scarfing down his delectable meals, weekly ukulele group sing-‘n-strum, 3-d doodling my way to my beloved crochet creatures, walking Mr. Fuzzy.

Of course, the kids are still growing outside my reach. How do I take myself beyond my “pissing-and-moaning” phase to keep connected? Oh, thank you, modern technology.

Introducing my first act of intentionality, “Savta’s (Grandma’s) Sing-Along” videos. Grab my uke. Set up my songbook. Sing a song that is less than a minute long. Send to the grand kids. What a reward I got in return when my grandson serenaded me with 3 songs during a video-chat!

Let’s try that intentionality thing again, in another realm. What else besides family and friends could be on people’s minds? How about politics? Applying intentionality here was a no-brainer.

I joined a group of committed folks with the intention to cut out, stitch, and distribute loads and loads of VOTE yard signs throughout the Pittsburgh area. They can be displayed anywhere and everywhere requested. JOIN US on the first Saturday of December at 319 South Trenton Avenue, in Wilkinsburg, 10am. to 2pm . Check the website for updates. http://www.pole2polls.com/

How invigorated I feel with the power to reach out back under my control. Now, come to think of it, I could say to my younger self, “Be who you are. Find the confidence to speak out in your own way. And, yes, do it on purpose.” Whatever “it” is.