My next art project…

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I am very excited to have found my next art project.  It involves my cartoons, my doodling, and the imaginations of visitors to the recent Gift Gallery At the Plate, where I displayed my artwork. Before I go on, I say, “THANK YOU TO ALL WHO AGREED TO LET ME USE THEIR FOUND-OBJECTS FROM THE DOODLES!”

Now, to continue.  I concocted the idea when my spontaneity and my internal talking-with-strangers-who-become-friends gene got together.  Here is what happened.

First, as I collected materials at Artist & Craftsman Supply to use for that weekend, I suddenly grabbed a small, green dry-erase board . Perfect for demonstrating my blind-doodling technique to Gift Gallery attendees.

Second, instead of explaining my technique, I let people try it out.  Such trust to sit on a stool with your eyes closed, doodling, as people walked by.  Then, like staring up at the clouds, each person found a picture hidden in the doodle.  That’s it.  Well, almost.

The image featured with this blog is a virtual tip of the hat to artist Rebecca Harrison’s mother, Debbie.  Her doodle of a bird “flew away” because I realized after erasing it that I could document each picture by photographing it with my phone.  (Wow, that sentence would have been quite confusing and nonsensical 20 years ago.)

And, so I have over 20 green-backed doodles.  Stay tuned for samples as they come alive in fabric and, perhaps, into three-dimensional small sculptures.

Also, Happy Holidays to all!