My sights are set.

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My dog Weegee’s chunky, red toy disappeared under a dense bush last week.  Despite my on-and-off searching, it stayed well hidden until yesterday afternoon.  So, you are curious about how it was retrieved, aren’t you? Well, it was all because of Weegee’s persistent nature and his daily rituals.

Every day and every time Weegee is let out in the yard, he races with an urgent growl toward the back corner, near the bush, to sniff out and rouse any birds or squirrels or groundhogs or butterflies silly enough to hang out there.  This happens even though his finds are infrequent.  But, for the hope of discovery, and because he is always highly energized outside, he carries on.

This brings us back to Weegee’s ache to find his toy.  Since his sense of smell is highly developed, he could sniff that toy in the undergrowth.  He just could not get to it.  Finally, he whined yesterday with such impatience that I cleared away more of the shrubbery as best I could, again, so that he could try once more to dig it out.  And, he did.

Well done, Weegee.

So, how does this relate to us two-legged creatures?  Back in 1899, during the Spanish-American War, Elbert Hubbard stressed similar traits for success in his piece of writing called “A Message to Garcia.”    He told of a singular individual who “stands out on the horizon of…memory” for really knowing how to get a job done.  Hubbard’s message still reverberates today.

The specific qualities of being a self-starter, “to act promptly, concentrate (their) energies:  do the thing…,”  and having the capacity ” for independent action” are crucial to the formula of success in its various and personal forms.  Learn more by signing on to or .

Then, there is a modern go-getter who mentions similar traits in different settings.  Check out the messages by “Nasty Girl” founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso in her book, #GIRLBOSS.  She urges us to “dive headfirst into things without being too attached to the results.  When your goal is to gain experience, perspective, and knowledge, failure is no longer a possibility.”  I found ideas to cheer about in each section of her book, which is also filled with other women’s internal work in gaining their own success.  Read more at .

The takeaway today is to set your sights and go.  Just like Weegee.