Now spit that out!

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Out, out, foggy figure....

Out, out, foggy figure….

Jolt.  One morning I flashed a bug-eyed stare at the foggy figure I found in the mirror.  Was I reacting to some faded dream?  Was I still chafing from an unsettling experience  or unwanted silence?  I almost appeared to be “holding onto anger…drinking poison and expecting it to kill the other person.”  Not going to happen.  Pteeeweee! Spit out that anger!  I didn’t want to be that figure.

So, what is a person to do?  Buddha reminds us of the destructive nature of anger as a reaction to hurt or misdeeds.   One way to alleviate suffering is through detachment.   We do not just ignore the perpetrator.  But, we can detach from that person’s difficulties to stay standing and healthy ourselves.  Read more at the link below.  And remember to be your best self.