Thawing out and warming up.

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Try these three facts…which don’t seem to go together…but are all true at this moment:  tonight is a full moon; spring is in two weeks;  today was frigid cold.  Apparently, my mind is frigid cold, too.  Because all of the things I had planned to say are frozen somewhere in a brain ridge, unable to crawl out and make sense.

So, I am using this blog entry as a way to shake out the confusion and unfreeze the sensible thoughts.  Not sure it is working yet.  Earlier I tried doodling to the Mavericks’ new music (Hard to resist the inexplicable attraction of  Raul Malo’s voice).  Then, I therapeutically applied sugar by eating some homemade pastries (a delicious diversion).   After awhile, I correctly identified over the phone the smiles in my kids’ voices (easy listening, in the best sense!).  Most recently, I mooshed the frosty muzzle of my black hound.

Oh, now it is working. I can do it.  “Do what?” you wonder.  Well, according to Scott McCloud in MAKING COMICS (  ), the goal of comic creators is to make “a living, honest, beautiful, and inventive work of comics” (page 232).  I’ll do that. Tomorrow.  When it is warmer.

For now, I will cozy down in my new mattress and try for crazy, over-the-moon happy dreams.  Sweet dreams to one and all.