Toothy dog reminds us all.

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Happy, happy, Joy, joy.

Happy, happy, Joy, joy.

Remember this.  Contented, happy dogs have no pretense, no ulterior or subversive motive when they wiggle and squirm for attention, flashing a toothy grin.  I will be bold and suggest that the same thing may be said of little children.  And, I would like to think that this concept also applies to yukking it up with my friends.

In light of this, I  am tempted to wear a laugh-o-meter to see whether I can approach the 400 laughs a day that children have been measured to emit. How fun to laugh one’s way through the day, unlike the paltry 20 times per day registered for adults.  It’s true.  Check it out at

Meanwhile, I will carry on my search for the funniest,  most unexpected characters to populate the many parts and crevices of this site.  Why?  Because it makes me lol.   No half-baked, tenth-of-a-titter for me.  Count on it.

(P. S. Tip of the hat to Gretchen Rubin’s THE HAPPINESS PROJECT for these insights.)